Sunday, 11 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day Multiplication Centers

I love changing up my Math centers to match the upcoming holidays. Even though students are practice skills they are familiar with, there is something about a holiday themed center that instantly gets them engaged. 
I recently completed math centers for multi-digit multiplication that will be part of my math centers this week.

I (like most classrooms) have to have differentiated activities because my students levels of understanding are spread so far apart. One activity rarely works for my entire class. Because (I know you shouldn't start a sentence with "because" ... lol) of this each of these centers has a differentiation option where either numbers are below and above 20 and/or there is a choice in the number of questions.
 Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of these math centers is how bright and cheery they are. We still have a ton of snow here (I think Mother Nature is confused this year) and we could use all the brightness out there. 
Each center also comes with a colored version AND a black line master copy so you can print on colored paper. This is a great ink saving option!
My students usually need a place to work through their equations and they usually do this on our mini whiteboards. I decided to switch things up for these centers and create some work mats ( I also included recording pages like I do with all my centers). I have printed the work mats and placed them in page protectors. Students will use whiteboard markers to write on the page protector and then they can erase their work when they move on to the next equation. This is a simple way to add engagement and student interest. 

The centers can be done as independent work (except the board game) or with a partner!

Included are 3 main multiplication centers (all focused on 2 digit x 2 digit equations) and these 3 templates can be broken up into 9....yes 9 different math centers!!!!
If you want to check out these math centers more just click here or on the picture above.

If you are interested in any particular concept/theme for math centers please leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. Using math centers in my classroom makes me happy and I am always looking for new ones to create!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Free Valentine's Day Cards

It feels like Valentine's Day has snuck up on me this year. These last few days all I have done is shovel snow and haven't had time to think about planning Valentine's Day. I am glad I have my Valentine cards already printed. I just have to cut them out and label. Oh yah....and buy something to give my
I have 8 super cute designs to choose from, which is great for personalizing to my student interest.
I have them FREE in my TpT store so if you want a copy for yourself, just click on any picture.

I also keep a few on hand at school on the day we hand out Valentines. They are perfect for those kids who forget their cards or who don't have any to give.

Other than having my Valentine cards ready, the only other thing I have ready to go is a couple math centers. Sorry kids, Mrs. Browne is busy with life these days! 

Valentine's Day fractions activities can be found here. 
Multiplication and division color by numbers can be found here

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Engaging Homophones Activities

I have been doing a lot of updating of products lately. I have added more engaging, interactive activities that I have tried in the classroom and are student approved. One of my favorite updates has been to my Homophones unit !It went from being boring worksheets to engaging activities and literacy centers.

Here is a photo tasting of some of the activities now included: Interactive notebook pages / Matching literacy center Posters Magic Square in 2 formats. The colored version is ideal for literacy centers and the black and white puzzle is ideal for student seat work.

A wide variety of engaging practice pages!


This unit includes everything you will need to help your students fully understand the concept of homophones.

Click on any of the photos, or here, to get your copy today.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Halloween Literacy Fun

I LOVE Halloween time! There are so many wonderful, descriptive words that go with Halloween which leads to many literacy activities.
 If you have a class that you have to differentiate work for, these FREE alphabetical order pages will be perfect.
They look similar, and have most of the words the same. The difference is in the number of words on the page. If you have students who work a little slower, or who do not do so well with a large number of choices -- give them the page with only 10 words on it. If students love a challenge or work quickly -- give them the page with 15 words on it.
If you want to turn these into a literacy center that can be reused, time and time again, pop them into page protectors and have students write on them with dry erase markers. If you provide the answer keys, students can mark their own pages! 


Friday, 11 August 2017

Stop Buying Tissue Paper Flowers!

I beg you to STOP buying those tissue paper flowers. Yes, you can buy them everywhere and they are convenient to throw in your shopping cart, but please, please, PLEASE stop. They are super easy and cheap to make. I am going to show you how you can make your own and in any colors/patterns you like.

Supplies Needed: 
  • scissors
  • string (I use the embroidery thread for friendship bracelets but any string will do. Use fishing line or clear thread if you are hanging them) 
  • tissue paper in any color/patterns you want
  • push pins (for mounting on wall)

 Step By Step Instructions:

1.) Select your tissue paper. The bigger you want your flowers the more sheets you will need. To create the blue flower above I used six sheets. For larger flowers I use 12-16. I would never use less than 6 sheets but you can play around with it. If you are hanging the flowers and want petal all around in a ball, you will need more sheets. 

2.) Lay your paper on the table. If you are making smaller flowers, cut the tissue paper in half (Yay you get 2 flowers out of each package!!!). Arrange the paper so that it is vertical in front of you (hot dog not hamburger shaped... lol)

3.)  Start folding your tissue paper back and forth like an acordian fan. The fold should be no bigger than 2 inches. There is no harm if the folds are bigger you will just get less petals. 

4.) Once you have completely folded you paper, tie your sting in the middle of the strip. If you are hanging you flower you will need to leave a longer string hanging. It is also important that the knot on the string be on the edge side of the strip (see the picture).

5.) Cut through all of the tissue paper ends in any shape (curved, pointed, etc) you like. This will form the petal design. Here is a link showing a variety of petal shapes. 

6.) Now for the most delicate step. Starting at one end of your strip, fan out your accordion fold. Starting with the top piece of tissue paper CAREFULLY separate it from all the others, pushing it in towards the middle where your string is. Go sheet by sheet until you are finished that side. Once done flip it around and do the same to the other side. Once all your sheets are separated you can start playing around with it to fluff it up. 

If you are going to put the flowers on a bulletin board or wall, like in the picture here, leave one side of the flower flat and push all the petals forward. To attach them to a flat surface, I found push pins work way better than staples. Staples tend to flatten too many of the petals and will tear them when you take the flower down.
 If you are going to hang your flowers, make sure you spread the petals on all sides of the flower to make a flower ball. Once it is hung you can play around with the exact placement of the petals.
 These are so simple to make that I have done these with students in Grades 2-7. Everyone loves making them and they were ALL successful.

Layer colors or use patterned tissue paper for more unique flowers.

The main thing is to have fun, be creative, and SAVE money!!!! I can buy a package of tissue paper (12 sheets) for $1 and make 4 flowers out of it. If I luck out and get the 30 sheet packs for $1 during seasonal times, I can make way more (this isn't a math post so I won't figure it I know I will NEVER buy pre-made flowers again, and neither should you. 


Friday, 7 July 2017

Free Calendar for the Upcoming School Year

It has been WAY too long since I posted last. I will be teaching at a new school next year that will be way less stressful and time consuming and one of the things that I am going to make a priority is my blog. I feel I have been neglecting it for the past few years being at a school that consumed all my time. I am excited for my future possibilities! 

With that said I thought my first 'Back At It" post would include a freebie for those of you who have stuck with me. One thing I have learned over the past few years is that I need to be organized to stay some what sane. My calendars (yes I use a few different ones)have been my work saver. I would have been lost without them. 

Here is a FREE one for you all to enjoy. It covers August 2017-July 2018. All you have to do is click on the picture to get your copy :)
If you are looking for something more detailed and versatile I have a fancier teacher calendar for you.

The bright colors of this are sure to brighten up your work day. Each month opens on two pages in order to have bigger boxes for writing in, as well as a small notes section on each month. There is also a page for monthly goals and one to record birthdays. Add your name to the front cover to personalize and add text boxes to the calendar to input any important dates you would like.

Each month has a teacher quote to help inspire you along the way!
There is a "Notes" page that can be printed as many times as you like.

This calendar is very versatile and can be coil bound or printed and put in a binder. The calendar covers August 2017 to August 2018.

If you live in Canada, I have the same thing but in a version just for you! All the Canadian holidays are on this calendar!

 The best thing about all of these calendars is I will update them EVERY year. So once you get the first copy you will have FREE updates year after year!!!!


Saturday, 24 December 2016

New Years 2017 Free Mystery Grid Activity

Most years we don't really celebrate New Years in school because we usually go back to school around January 9th. This year we go back on the 3rd so we will get to do some New Years activities!!! 

I just updated my mystery grid activity for 2017 so that will be an activity we will definitely do. Last year I taught my students about grid mapping so this will be a nice review (the benefits of teaching the same class 2 years in a row).

To get your copy just click on the picture.

On another note, as a Christmas treat, my store will be on sale December 25th and 26th! This is a great time to stock up on items for the next few months so while you are grabbing your free mystery grid activity check out some of my other great products :)


Monday, 19 December 2016

Chalk Winter Art

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a quick art project for my class to complete. I cannot remember where I saw a picture of a winter scene done on black paper with chalk, but it was likely Pinterest. After searching town for white chalk (our school only had yellow) and finding some, I decided this was the art project for my class.

I tried 2 methods, one where everything was done on one piece of black construction paper and another using 2 pieces. I decided that I liked the crisp edge of drawing an oval on one piece of paper, drawing the winter scene, and then cutting it out. When I had created it all on once page the edge between the scene and the framing was too messy looking for my liking. 

Supplies needed:
2 pieces of black construction paper per student
1 piece of white chalk per student 
glue stick

Step 1: Draw an oval shape on one of the pieces of paper. Inside the oval draw a winter scene (we stuck to snow and trees) using the chalk.

Step 2: Cut out the oval shape just inside the white oval outline. This makes it so that when glued to the background page there will be a nice crisp shape to the oval. 

Step 3: On the second piece of paper, use the chalk to create a background frame. Some students may choose to blend the chalk, others may like the bolder look of not blending.
 Step 4: Glue the oval winter scene in the center of the background page.
Step 5: This was the hardest for us... Find something to sign your name with that will show up on the page. Usually we sign our names in white on black paper but because of the white chalk the names were not showing up. We found some metallic pens that worked great.   
That's all there is to this project. I just LOVE how they all turned out and my students were proud of their work. They were surprised that they could make such beautiful art in such a short time. The entire project (including my explanation and stapling the art on the bulletin board) took no more than 40 minutes. 

I am always looking for more art ideas, so if you have a blog post or a Pinterest board with art I would love for you to leave a link in the comments. Please also add what grade level the art would be best for.


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