Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Camo Art

It is always a challenge to find fun art projects for the end of the year that don't take too long. I want my students to be able to do great art but I also want them to be able to take it home finished. This art project was perfect for the busy end of the year days.

  • Any sized white card stock
  • Black fine liner or sharpie
  • Pencil crayons
Step 1: Take any sized piece of card stock and draw one continuous line with a sharpie or fine liner. Start in one corner and go back and forth curving and jagging the line until you are back where you started. Make sure there are no spots where the line is too straight and make sure students don't just go from one side of the paper to the other and back. This will cause the coloured shapes to be striped. 

Step 2: Draw 3-4 shapes over top of the long line. I provided some tracers if students wanted them.

Step 3: For each shape choose 3 different shades of the same colour and begin colouring. Make sure students press hard while colouring. No 2 of the same shades should be touching. alternate shades until the shape is fully coloured in. You will change shades when you reach a black line.

The final product is camo shapes !

Here are some of my students' final products.



  1. LOVE this! PINNED it! I will have to try it next year. Tomorrow is the last day with kids and then Friday is a PA day. How about you?
    Did you get my invite to the Canadian Pinterest board?

    1. Tomorrow is also my last day with kids. I am sad because I LOVE my class this year. I didn't get the invite but I would love to join the board.


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