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Sunday, 2 March 2014

David Bouchard and Pink Shirt Day = A Great Week

We had a fabulous week this week. It went by so fast but it was packed full of activities.

On Tuesday our school had the honor of an author visit from the AMAZING David Bouchard. I have read his books to my students for years and it was so neat to actually have him come and visit our little school. His visit was broken up into 2 parts (the primary and the intermediate grades) so I only had the chance to see the primary presentation. I told my class that maybe if we sat really quiet and still in the gym then maybe they wouldn't notice us in there for the second part :)

He played his many instruments, shared some of his life stories, and left students with an important message: TV is no good. Listen to peoples' stories, especially grandma's. She knows best and never lies (Grandpa lies just a little so be wary of his tales, especially if they are about fishing!).
We had library the next day and ALL of David's books were signed out.

On Wednesday, we had the junior high school band come play for us in the morning and we got to dance to songs from Taylor Swift, Star Wars, and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes it was quite a mix of music.

Later that day, we all gathered in the gym again to celebrate Anti-Bullying Day (aka Pink Shirt Day). We watched some great videos. I think the one that had the most impact was this one:

Even though there were no words everyone understood the message loud and clear. We then had a gallery walk so everyone could see the pink shirts or inspirational messages each class created. Here are a few pictures of some of the shirts my kiddos designed.

They are hanging next to one of my favourite classroom posters! 
 To end the assembly, we all sang along to this video:

To top off the excitement we had, students only had a 4 day week. Friday was a Non-Instructional Day and all the schools gathered to talk about the districts Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement and how we can better serve our First Nations students.

Even though it was a fun week, I kind of hope next week will be a little less busy :)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Saturday Night with the Robertsons!

Okay so some of you may have had wild fun last night but me... I stayed home and did some planning, printing, cutting, and laminating....WAHOO fun I know. We are wrapping up our place value unit and I wanted my kiddos to have some fun activities to explore on Monday so I finally got around to getting my Duck Dynasty place value stuff ready !!! My students are going to love it and that's a fact, Jack :)
Here is what I got ready for them:

This is the activity I am most excited for. I am not sure why probably just because of my task card obsession.

There are 32 task cards students will work through and then when they are done they will get a Duck Dynasty bookmark to color (included with the set). It took a bit of time to print, cut, laminate, and then cut again but I know my students will have fun with them so it is well worth the time.

Look at them all...oohhh so much fun!!!!
 I have already printed and cut these concentration cards but I thought I would mention them here because they are FREE in my store!!!

A tip if you are printing multiple copies for your class is to print the black and white version on different colored card stock. This will make it easy to keep the sets separated if for some reason they get mixed up. It will also help if one gets dropped on the floor or left out of clean up. It will be easy to find the set it belongs to because of its color.
Here is a whole class activity that I will be using on Monday. It is an I Have Who Has game. There are 2 versions (numbers to hundreds and numbers to thousands). We will be starting with the hundreds set and then making our way to the thousands set.

The last Duck Dynasty activity I have (for now) is a file folder game. Students draw number cards and try to build the largest or smallest number and the winner of the round gets a duck point. At the end of the playing time the student with the most duck points is the winner. This also comes in 2 versions (hundreds and thousands).

Duck Dynasty is all the rave in our town and last year when I would eat snack with my students we would watch some of the episodes on YouTube. Normally I read to my students when they are eating their snack but on the days that I had recess supervision I couldn't read to them if I wanted a snack also.
Here is our favorite Duck Dynasty clip that we must have watched a thousand times (slight exaggeration).

Now that I have worked hard I might need to take a little nap :P

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter Wonderland Art

Well the last two weeks have been busy at our school with 4 days of skiing. We lucked out and had beautiful weather with around -2 degrees Celsius all days :) It feels like we didn't do much school work over these 2 weeks. During the first week skiing was Wednesday and Thursday so on Friday my kiddos were EXHAUSTED. I decided that we would watch Maniac Magee since we just finished the novel. It isn't the best quality but hey it filled the time while my class recouped from skiing.
During the second week we went on Wednesday and Friday so they were not as tired and we could get some work done. We completed a winter art project (inspired by this Pinterest link) that had to be done over 3 days because of waiting for paint to dry. Biggest lesson my class learned....patience ! 
As I did my example I took pictures so you can see the steps.  
Step 1: Paint the snow at the bottom of the page. I told my class that about 1/3 of the page should be the snow base.

Somewhere in the top part of the page paint a white circlish (new made-up word) shape. We used plastic plates for the paint and students had 2 colours only (white and blue). To the white add a SMALL amount of blue paint. Paint around the white circlish shape with the new paint colour. It is okay (preferable even) to overlap the paint to help with blending and not making it look like stripes around the middle circle. Then continue this with gradually adding blue paint to make it darker as you move outward from the white circlish shape. Let dry

Step 3: Using black paint only, paint shilouttes of things you would see outside during winter. Let dry. 

Ok this is where my students struggled with patience. They wanted to do the final stage and set he finished product.

 Step 4: Add snow if wanted. I used a Q-tip here but some of my students used a paintbrush. It is up to you. Let dry and then display.

My school only had a lighter blue paint so it was hard to make it dark. I would love to have done this with a navy blue paint but that is life. I think they still turned out okay and the bulletin board is eye-catching in the hallway. 

Here are some examples that my Gr4/5s did.

Have fun painting with your class and if you need an idea for paint containers in your classroom check out my previous post on reusing Lunchable containers for paint ! 

Since this project was inspired by Pinterest I thought I would leave a link to my Winter Pinterest Board ! I would love for you to follow any of my boards. If you have a great Pinterest board dedicated to art I would LOVE it if you could leave a link in the comments so I can follow it also. I am obsessed with Pinterest and finding new art ideas :)


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flocabulary !!!

Where has this website been my entire (8 year) teaching career? If you haven't checked out you should. I was searching for some fun video about prefixes on YouTube and I found this one
From there I went to check out what Flocabulary was and I fell in love. I signed up for a free 14 day trial and my students and I went exploring. Many of them already knew about it from last years teacher and showed me some great videos. When you sign up you can get lesson plans and everything for Grades K-12!! 
I noticed today that they have a section which aligns the videos to the Common Core Standards for those districts using them.

Cheers and happy exploring,


Sunday, 11 November 2012

This week...

Once again I am finding myself with VERY little time to take care of my blog. I miss blogging a lot but I am swamped with my master's work and running my son around to soccer. Maybe someday I will have a laptop and then I can blog while I am being soccer mom 3 days a week! Wouldn't that be great???? Three blog posts a week. I would be happy if I could get one post every 2 weeks.

Anyways, I have a few spare moments so I thought I would let you know some of the things I used in my classroom this week.
My master's action research project is all about goal setting and students taking ownership for their learning. So far my class has completed the first 6 weeks of my data collecting with no goal setting and this week we had our transition week where I taught them about creating SMART goals. I found a unit on TpT which was almost perfect for what I needed. It has posters and practice activities for creating SMART goals. You can find it here but take note that the meaning she wrote for the R is reason when everything else has it as realistic or relevant. I have emailed to ask for her to include a realistic or relevant poster as well.  She quickly got back to me and said she was going to work on one!

In science we are learning about the human body and we started with the nervous system. My students are loving it! We completed an experiment to see if the brain can learn where students had to be timed completing a 25 piece puzzle. They did the puzzle 4 times and then looked at their time results. Every student but one, had bettered their time. With their partner they discussed what they thought this meant about their brain (that it can learn, that it can memorize things, that it works faster by remembering things if you do them over an over again). We then had a class talk about how this related to school (the more you practice things the better you will remember them). They had so much fun they wanted to be timed doing EVERY puzzle I had.
Continuing with the brain, we watched the video below and then students worked in groups of 3 to create a poster that showed what they learned about the brain. The title of the posters are, How Our Brains Learn. They are still working on the posters but I will be sure to post pictures when they are done because some of them are very creative.

 When we went to watch the YouTube video the computer was acting up and would not download the video quick enough. After being frustrated I called another teacher who showed me how to download the video to my computer and then put it in a Smartboard file so we didn't have to wait for it to download each time! This is now how I will be showing most of my YouTube clips to my students!

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada so we had our school assembly on Friday. It was a short assembly and there were no videos shown. I find that students are really impacted by the videos so I wanted to show them a couple. Here is one:

During snack time I read my students A Bear in War by Stephanie Innes. One student was so moved that she began to cry because she said she was thinking of her great-grandpa.

Before I go I want to share with you a picture I found on Pinterest. Sorry I cannot remember exactly where I found it but when I did I immediately grabbed it and printed it off. I have to remind myself every once in a while when I am feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a teacher that someone is trusting me with their most precious gift and it is an honor. 

I hope this week coming up is going to be as great as the past week!


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